Historian’s resource pamphlet


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Hurley Historian Research Guide

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Ulster County Archives

UC Archives Brochure

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Christmas Party at Hurley Town Hall


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Current History


The term ‘Current History’ seems an oxymoron.

As we’ve gone through the files in the Archives and spoken with many of you, we realize how easy it would be add information about people, places, and things (and you don’t have to be classified as an antique).

I think many of us are so modest as to think that our contributions to our community are not important enough to be included in the Archives.  WRONG!

Volunteers, town employees, artists, musicians, business people, etc. all play important roles, and in a way echo the continued development of our community.

Don’t be modest, let us include your personal history in our files.  50 years from now, someone will be wondering about the artist who painted that Rooster Weather Vane. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the information could be found in our archives?


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Archives Progress Report

We are happy to report that we are approaching the half-way point in listing the files contained in the file cabinets on LibraryThing.com

This means that anyone can search our files (and book shelves) by logging on to the Hurley Historian site on Library Thing.  A search can be accomplished by title, author, subject, keywords.  The Dewey Decimal number will indicate exactly where you can locate the file.

We expect that by the end of October, all of the files located in the two, four-drawer file cabinets will be listed on LibraryThing.com

We look forward to your comments on how we can better serve the historical community.

To log on, go to:     http://www.LibraryThing.com

user name:              HurleyHistorian

password:                HurleyTown







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All of our files have been classified

We have completed assigning Dewey Decimal classification numbers to all of our files and other holdings.

While we have not yet cross-indexed our holdings, the modest size of our collection will make finding what you are looking for much simpler and less time consuming.

Everyone is invited to search our archive for topics of interest.

If you have any documents, photographs, books, etc. that you would like to place in our archives, please contact us.

Please let us know if you have feedback/suggestions for improving the archive.

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